Pedigree chart Olofsson, Felicia Catharina
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Anders Larsson. Born 1772-01-16 in Emunderyd, Lönneberga (H). Pedigree chart   F Lars Jonsson. Born 1738-06-01 in Emunderyd, Lönneberga (H). Died 1781-06-06 in Örsjömåla, Lönneberga (H). Torpare.
Pedigree chart
Ff Jonas Jonsson. Pedigree chart    
Fm Karin . Pedigree chart    
M Ingeborg Johansdotter. Born 1737-08-28 in Katebo, Lönneberga (H). Died 1829-04-08 in Kvarnö, Gallö, Lönneberga (H). Fattighjon.
Pedigree chart
Mf Johan Månsson. Born calculated 1704. Died 1775-09-13 in Katebo, Lönneberga (H). Pedigree chart    
Mm Annika Johansdotter. Died 1763-10-06 in Katebo, Lönneberga (H). Pedigree chart    

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