Pedigree chart Olofsson, Felicia Catharina
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Måns Persson. Born 1756-09-25 in Aska, Hägerstad (E). Died 1814-02-09 in Övre Årteryd, Hägerstad (E). Bonde.
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F Per Nilsson. Born 1719-08-13 in Årteryd, Hägerstad (E). Died 1778-05-04 in Årteryd, Hägerstad (E). Klockare.
Pedigree chart Repetition, see page .
M Kerstin Johandotter. Born 1720-01-20 in Aska, Hägerstad (E). Died 1764-03-09 in Årteryd, Hägerstad (E). Pedigree chart Repetition, see page .      

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