Pedigree chart Olofsson, Felicia Catharina
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Jonas Olofsson. Born 1791-10-10 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Died 1871-06-26 in Måshult, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart   F Olof Jönsson. Born 1756-11-03 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Died 1815-12-12 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Bonde, Gästgivare.
Pedigree chart
Ff Jon Olofsson. Born 1724-04-04 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Died 1774-01-15 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart Fff Olof Persson. Born 1673-03-23 in Gladhammar, Gladhammar (H). Died 1742-12-23 in Gästgivaregården, Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart Ffff Per Olsson. Born calculated 1630 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1692-12-14 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Bonde, Riksdagsman.
Pedigree chart
Fffm Elin Olofsdotter. Born 1637. Died 1709. Pedigree chart
Ffm Kierstin Jönsdotter. Born 1685 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1749-03-24 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart  
Fm Kierstin Olofsdotter. Born 1732-12-15 in Gladhammar, Gladhammar (H). Died 1774-01-12 in Lunden, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart Fmf Olof (Nilsson). Died before 1766. Bonde.
Pedigree chart
Fmm Margreta Samuelsdotter. Born 1704-01-27 in Fårhult, Gladhammar (H). Died 1766-03-16 in Fårhult, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart Fmmf Samuel Christophersson. Born 1671-05-28 in Öja, Odensvi (H). Died 1750-02-20 in Fårhult, Gladhammar (H). Skräddare.
Pedigree chart
Fmmm Ingrid Nilsdotter. Born calculated 1669. Died 1720-07-02 in Fårhult, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart
M Lisken Månsdotter. Born 1764-07-26 in Ekenäs, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart Mf Måns Nilsson. Born 1730-01-07 in Skinnaremåla, Västrum (H). Died 1809-12-24 in Ekenäs, Gladhammar (H). Bonde, Sockenmannen.
Pedigree chart
Mff Nils Jonsson. Pedigree chart  
Mfm Lisken Persdotter. Pedigree chart  
Mm Brita Hinricksdotter. Born 1734-09-27 in Vassebo, Hjorted (H). Died 1804-11-20 in Ekenäs, Gladhammar (H). Pedigree chart Mmf Henrik Andersson. Pedigree chart  
Mmm Brita Jonsdotter. Pedigree chart  

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